When it comes to Texas destination weddings, Houston is hardly one to disappoint. Whether you’re looking for indoor or outdoor wedding venues, the USA’s fourth largest city is full of traditional locations and hidden gems.

To make your Texas destination wedding even more exciting, you might want to look for a more rustic style.  You’ll find plenty of classic western wedding venues, but none of these will be as unique or give that True Southern Experience like Silver Sycamore. Give your guests a true taste of the Texan spirit. Whether you’re looking for barn weddings, cowboy weddings, rustic weddings, or country western weddings, you’re not going to find a more perfect fit than Silver Sycamore in Pasadena, TX.

Texas Destination Wedding Venue in Pasadena TX

Houston Destination Weddings at Silver Sycamore

Imagine having your destination wedding in Texas in a setting that is so unique, absolutely gorgeous, and a wonderful place to return for years to come. Now, imagine this in your own little town named after you! That’s exactly what you can have at Silver Sycamore.

Our rustic wedding and event venue has been a favorite of Texas newlyweds for some time now- and is quickly gaining popularity throughout the country. What else can you expect from a place that allows you to have your wedding, reception, and honeymoon all in one place?



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Our unique, luxury, western town is called Sycamoreville, which is on the grounds of Silver Sycamore Events Resort. There are so many options on the property for your destination wedding, but we’ll focus on SycamoreVille for now.

Your ceremony can take place under one of our gorgeous outdoor gazebos across the grounds or in our beautiful, White Wedding Chapel. Then, you can have your cocktail hour in the Saloon and your reception in the Street of Your Town. We can name the town after you, ie SmithVille, with the population reflecting your guest count and your established date is your wedding date.

We have many packages to accommodate your needs, but our Texas Weekend Wedding package is the perfect fit to complete a Destination Wedding in Texas.

What’s even cooler about our property is that we are also a Bed & Breakfast, complete with a cafe. During your stay or after the reception, the new couple & family and friends can make their way across the grounds to our different bed and breakfast cottages.

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We accommodate a variety of wedding styles and themes from intimate, classic traditional, elegant traditional, luxury western, rustic western, vintage, elegant vintage, Victorian, and more. But that’s not all we offer! The new couple can make this their traditional destination for all the special days life brings. Imagine, returning after your wedding to celebrate the arrival of a new baby with a baby shower. Or coming back to celebrate an anniversary with a stay in one of our rooms.

Many couples are adopting today’s trend for luxury western or rustic western wedding themes and styles. So, if that’s your style, look no further than Silver Sycamore. No other wedding venue, especially in Texas, will take care of all the details. So, you can focus on celebrating your love.

Your Future Texas Destination Wedding Venue—SycamoreVille!

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If you’re looking for a venue for your Texas destination wedding, then here are some of the best reasons to consider Silver Sycamore’s unique, custom-made, western town.

  • Texas Spirit

Capture the true spirit of Texas pride in our western themed town, Sycamoreville. This ‘town’ is definitely big enough for the two of us, actually it’s big enough for all of your family & friends, and it was built for your wedding. In addition to the Gorgeous White Chapel, Sycamoreville includes many other fantastic features. These include a jailhouse, for the groom and groomsmen to get ready; as well as a saloon for the bar and cocktail hour and hotel rooms for guests to stay. Don’t worry, the brides have an entire cottage to get ready in the front of the property.

  • Wedding Themes

Sycamoreville offers both pre-set and customizable all-inclusive wedding packages, including our favored Texas Destination Wedding package, The ‘Texas Weekend Wedding Package.’ This packages include an entire weekend of fun, from the moment you arrive in town, to the minute you leave the grounds on Sunday morning. Think rehearsal dinner, Friday night party, pedicures, mimosas, your wedding & reception & much more!

  • Customer Service and Flexibility

Our five-star customer service and flexibility will keep brides at ease, and help grooms stay confident under pressure. We have been hosting weddings and events for 15 years, so our experience and expertise helps provide you a stress-free wedding weekend.

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