Gorgeous Outdoor Ceremonies

There truly is something about an outdoor wedding, especially in the Spring time, that brings about a feeling of wonder and the promise of new beginnings. Which, is very fitting for a wedding ceremony.

Luckily, we have 3 absolutely gorgeous outdoor wedding gazebo locations to choose from. And each one of them gives a different vibe, so depending on what you’re looking for, we have you covered. 

Our Gazebos are as follows:

– Waterfall Gazebo (the original)

– Vintage Gazebo 

– Lakeside Pergola 

And one of the amazing things about selecting of these as your ceremony site is that in the case of rain, there is a backup plan already built in for you. 

We have our beautiful Chapel available for you to use in case of bad weather. 

Let’s take a look at each Gazebo.


Waterfall Gazebo

outdoor wedding venues houston

The original ceremony site for all of Silver Sycamore! 

The Waterfall Gazebo was the first location we had on the grounds, and for years we had so many beautiful weddings held under the lights and by the waterfall and beautiful flowers. 

It can seat up to 100 guests in the white garden chairs.

These days, while still used for some ceremonies, it’s definitely a highlight for those perfect newlywed portraits. 

see more photos below


Vintage Gazebo

Wedding venue in Pasadena Tx

The Vintage Gazebo really gives you that garden wedding feel, as it is tucked right behind the Bed & Breakfast cottages and gardens. 

You walk right out of the Bridal Cottage, down the stone pathway to your I Do. The gazebo boasts a beautiful vintage-look chandelier to add that touch of elegance. 

As pictured above, you can also add draping to it. 

It can seat up to 150 guests in the white garden chairs.

see more pictures below.


Lakeside Pergola

The Lakeside Pergola is one of our newest outdoor ceremony sites. Sitting right along the lake and waterfall and amongst all of the trees creates a true oasis. 

The pergola is wrapped in twinkling lights and makes for not only a beautiful ceremony site, but for absolutely breathtaking photos. 

The Lakeside Pergola can seat 200+ guests and sits right off the western town SycamoreVille for ease in getting to the reception area. 

see more pictures below

We hope this has been a helpful guide to planning your beautiful outdoor wedding in the Houston area. 

If you would like more information on planning your big day at Silver Sycamore, we make it super easy!

Follow the 3 steps below. 

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2. Check to see if your date is available

3. Schedule your tour right here on the website!


We hope to see you soon!