A Town All Your Own

No, it’s not fake. Yes, the buildings are totally usable.

Yes, it is the most unique setting for your outdoor wedding. 

Those first two responses are usually the first two we give to people when they are asking questions about SycamoreVille. They can’t believe the buildings are all real and that they can be used for a wedding or party or markets. 


SycamoreVille is the perfect space for an outdoor wedding reception, company party, graduation parties and so much more! We hold monthly markets March-October in it and it’s also part of the HUGE Holiday Market we have every November. 

It can be transformed into so many different things and although the setting initially looks like it would only fit the rustic theme, you can truly make it your own. 

We have had Dark & Moody, Elegant, Rustic and so in between and they all seem to fit perfectly. So, whatever your style or dream might look like, we can accommodate it.


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What Makes SycamoreVille So Special?

Anyone can have their reception or party in a venue. Anyone can have their reception or party outside. 

But, not everyone can have their wedding or party in a town named after them! That’s right. You can rename the town to your name or party name, change the established date and population. 

For example, Welcome to SmithVille. Est 12-2-2023. Pop 150. And then you get to take it home with you and it’s yours forever to commemorate your big day. 

You can also add really fun additions like a mechanical bull, yard games, and so much more! We can personally attest to how fun it is when a bride jumps on a mechanical bull and just has a great time. Even more fun watching Grandma or Grandpa do it! (pictures will be below)


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SycamoreVille can be decorated up or down as you like it. 

With all of our packages, we do the setup of all chairs and tables, linens and napkins and then any other additional things like chair ties, chargers, etc. 

You also get use of the Saloon for the bar and lounge area when you have your reception in the town. 

The town can easily seat 300+ guests in the town, not counting any tables in the grassy areas to the side. We have done 400+ guests. However, our average wedding has about 150-200 guests and that allows a comfortable fit with a dance floor area.

There are a few things to keep in mind with that. Due to the unknowns of the weather, we always offer a backup plan inside of our Reception Hall, complimentary, but that only fits up to 200. So, that could hinder a larger group from being fully covered. It’s very rarely an issue, but it’s always one to consider.

Also during the holiday season (end of November-December) we have up a beautiful 20 foot Christmas tree in the middle of the town and that does take some space away, but wow is it a gorgeous backdrop for your wedding.


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It truly is the most unique setting for your reception. 

You can guarantee you and your guests will be talking for a long time about how you got married in a town all your own, and not many people get to do that.


If you would like more information on planning your wedding at Silver Sycamore, follow the prompts below!

You can view our packages and pricing, check on your date and then schedule a tour all here on our site!

We hope to see you soon.