Bridal Cottage for Your Big Day

It’s where it all starts. 

You wake up on the morning of your wedding day and you head to the venue. You walk into the Bridal Cottage and just know this is where the beginning of the rest of your life starts. 

Hair and makeup and vendors in and out. Best friends, moms, grandmas, siblings, dads and others popping in and out. Champagne and mimosas. Snacks and toasts to the best day.

It’s going to be a busy, but beautiful day. 

You sit down on our Bride’s Chair in the hair & makeup room and breathe it all in. And then it all begins. 


bridal room

What Makes the Bridal Cottage So Special?

It’s not just a singular “bride’s room”. It’s pretty much an entire house! 

When you walk in through the Bed & Breakfast gardens, you enter into the main living area. This holds the couches and chairs for hanging out. 

A bathroom right off the living room and a small kitchen with a refrigerator. Perfect place to keep those snacks and mimosas ready!


When you walk through the small hallway, you’ll be met with 3 different rooms to enter. 

1. Another full bathroom. We know how important it is to have plenty of bathrooms for everyone to use and even do their extra touch ups in.

2. The Hair & Makeup Room. At least 3 people can be getting their hair and makeup done at the same time in the room. 

3. The Dressing Room with Full length floor to ceiling mirror. This spacious room allows a private moment for the bride to get ready. It holds a gorgeous antique couch perfect for pictures. Most importantly, it contains the large mirror to allow you to get dressed and make sure every detail is perfect and to take it all in at once. It also makes for gorgeous pictures.

Your big day starts here. So, it needs to be comfortable, beautiful and exciting. 

It truly is the best spot to start your big day.


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