The Luxury Western Wedding of Your Dreams

Western wedding receptions are hotter than ever, and we’re not just talking about summer weddings in southeast Texas. From Arizona to Virginia, luxury western wedding receptions seem to be growing in popularity all over the continental US and beyond. So, what’s got everyone in a buzz about this trend?

As a top rustic wedding reception venue in Houston, Texas, we know a thing or two about this trend, and we are here for it! There are a number of reasons why brides and grooms are choosing this type of reception and venue, even if they’re not from the South or Western themselves.

luxury western wedding

7 Reasons Why Western Wedding Receptions Are So Popular

1. They are incredibly unique

There is a difference between a rustic wedding and a western wedding. Rustic usually makes you think of lace and mason jars and more barn style. Luxury Western Weddings can be more elegant with touches of the western feel. Maybe just cowboy boots, or you let venue speak for itself. It also gives you the option to do something totally wild like having a mechanical bull or maybe a shoot-out!

2. Southern Hospitality

At Silver Sycamore, we pride ourselves on giving you a True Southern Experience. Yes, this means sweet tea and a lot of y’alls coming your way. Yes, non-western venues can provide Southern Hospitality too, but our venue theme mixed with who we actually are is the perfect combination.

3. They are Timeless

Trends come and go, but western has been around for years, and we are pretty sure it’s here to stay. If you spend any time looking through photos of western wedding receptions, something you will quickly notice is the timelessness of the photos. They don’t make you cringe at the styles or decor; they make you smile.

4. The Photos will be Gorgeous

Every single one of our western weddings have the most beautiful photos! The backdrop of the western town, SycamoreVille, makes for pictures that will last a lifetime and be absolutely gorgeous.

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5. Your Guests will Never Forget

Finally, your guests will probably attend a ton of events in reception halls and they will be beautiful for sure, but there will never be a wedding like the one in a western town like Sycamoreville. Your guests will be able to say they attended a town in your name (SmithVille), they will have pictures to post that will not compare to anyone else’s, and will definitely remember your big day for years to come!

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