The Luxury Western Wedding of Your Dreams

Western wedding receptions are hotter than ever, and we’re not just talking about summer weddings in southeast Texas. From Arizona to Virginia, luxury western wedding receptions seem to be growing in popularity all over the continental US and beyond. So, what’s got everyone in a buzz about this trend?

As a rustic wedding reception venue in Houston, Texas, we believe we know a thing or two about this! There are a number of reasons why brides and grooms are choosing this type of reception and venue, even if they’re not from a traditionally western family.

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7 Reasons Why Western Wedding Receptions Are So Popular

1. Natural

One part rustic, one part garden, and two parts vintage, these receptions combine some of the best wedding trends in years. One thing that all these wedding themes all have in common is nature. Equally at home outside, in a barn, or in a country chapel, these weddings emphasize natural beauty. They utilize greenery, hardwood, and flower motifs, creating a perfect blend of the natural and the hand-made.

2. Spiritual

For couples and families that don’t have full religious compatibility, western wedding venues provide a neutral environment. Because of the emphasis on nature, however, these venues still tend to generate a spiritual connection with the bride, groom, and their guests without being overtly religious in any way.

3. Timeless

If you spend any time looking through photos of western wedding receptions, something you will quickly notice is the timelessness of the photos. It is difficult to guess at how old the wedding pictures are. Couples tend to see themselves as forever young, or even growing beautifully old together.

4. Photogenic

The timelessness we just mentioned also makes western wedding receptions highly photogenic. Whether you shoot in color, black and white, or even sepia, the pictures come out looking great.

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5. DIY

Western wedding receptions are every a DIY-er’s dream come true. Hand-made invitations, flower-filled mason-jars, burlap or denim-covered decorations, hay bails, and cowboy boot centerpieces are just a few of the fun projects awaiting the ambitious wedding planner as they prep for this particular wedding.

6. Affordable

Mason jars are cheaper than vases. Burlap is less expensive than silk. Wildflowers are more affordable than roses. All the little details that contribute to the perfect wedding at an affordable price.

7. All American

Nothing gives your wedding that all-American flair like a down-home western wedding reception. This tends to translate into heightened community, camaraderie, and interaction among guests.

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Silver Sycamore is Houston’s signature western wedding reception venue. Our all-inclusive wedding and reception packages include multiple ceremony locations, indoor/outdoor opportunities, and beautiful bed and breakfast accommodations. Not to mention all the cool activities found in and around Houston, TX.

Perhaps most unique of all, we feature a unique, western-themed town, built especially to provide a perfect storybook Western wedding day.

If you’d like more information or to schedule a tour of our fantastic location, please call us at 281-487-4033 or contact us online. We look forward to helping you plan your own western-themed wedding.

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