One of the great things about Texas is that we typically have really great weather for outdoor weddings. (Let’s just not talk about those months of June-August, where your skin might melt off!).  If you’re dreaming of a Houston outdoor wedding, the outdoor wedding venues at Silver Sycamore will make that dream come true, in the most stress-free way possible.

Why Brides Love Outdoor Wedding Venues in Houston

Garden weddings, gazebo weddings, waterfront weddings and so much more. All of these set the scene for a beautiful outdoor wedding. Head out on any weekend all over the Houston area and you will see weddings in all different kinds of outdoor spaces. 

Our brides at Silver Sycamore, especially, have absolutely loved having their weddings outdoors for the past 15+ years, but why?

  • The lighting – you get that beautiful lighting from the sun, sunset and the nighttime lights. Bonus points from our string lights that drape across the town. 
  • Room to Move – with outdoor venues, the space feels infinite and there’s the opportunity to grow your guest list. What’s fun about Silver Sycamore is that even with a small guest count, it doesn’t feel overwhelming, and with a large guest count, it doesn’t feel cramped
  • The Greenery – if you are having an outdoor ceremony, there is nothing like being surrounded by the greenery in our gardens or around out gazebos. It makes everything feel so fresh
  • It’s Idyllic – when you watch rom coms or older movies, there is often a big garden wedding or some part of it is outdoors. There’s just something about living out that nostalgia that makes some brides feel like it’s the perfect wedding day.
  • Feeling Safe – before 2020 we would have never even thought about this, but having the ceremony or reception (or both) outdoors has made couples and guests feel confident and safe with their health. Ideally, we never have to go through that again, but in the event something like that happens again, we are golden.

 There are many ways to make your Houston outdoor wedding dreams come true at Silver Sycamore. Let’s take a look at all of the options we have!

 Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Venues in Houston

Silver Sycamore has THREE outdoor ceremony spaces on the grounds to choose from. 


Waterfall Gazebo

Our most popular outdoor ceremony location is our Waterfall Gazebo. During the day it is surrounded by lush greenery, and at night it sparkles from being covered in twinkling lights.

As you can see, our waterfall gazebo lends itself to some really elegant moments. The waterfall is off to the side and you can hear just a slight flow of water trickling down. It’s perfect and for sure my favorite of the gazebos.

This ceremony location can fit about 120 guests, seated in our white garden chairs. 

Vintage Gazebo

When you are looking for vintage charm meets garden wedding venue, then you are looking for the Vintage Gazebo for your outdoor ceremony. It sits right behind our bed & breakfast cottages, and written in the stone are the 9 Fruitages of the Spirits, reminding you of the virtues needed in marriage. In the center of the Vintage Gazebo hangs a beautiful chandelier to stand underneath, as your guests watch you say your vows from their white garden chairs.

The Vintage Gazebo ceremony venue can seat up to 200 guests. 

Bed & Breakfast Gardens

The Bed & Breakfast Gardens combines the outdoors with a little bit of the rustic touch. The backdrop is full of greenery and the most adorable Tiny Texas Houses. What more could you want? This outdoor ceremony location allows the most DIY-ing of all the spots on our grounds. You can leave it as is, you can bring in an arch or focal point, the options are endless. We will set out our white garden chairs and let you go to town! The Bed & Breakfast Gardens can seat up to 150 guests.

Outdoor Wedding Reception Venue in Houston

Silver Sycamore has the most unique outdoor reception area in the Houston area, and it’s a favorite with our brides.


You can even name it after yourself, as you can see in the slideshow above, and make it your town!

It is an incredibly fun atmosphere for your reception, and definitely one your guests will always remember and talk about years later.

With pretty much unlimited space, you can have as few as 25 guests or up to 500 guests in the town to party the night away!

Let’s Talk Back Up Plan

As most of us know, Houston weather is incredibly unpredicatable and can alter the plans for your beautiful outdoor wedding! You will need a backup plan in place for rain!

At Silver Sycamore, we have already taken care of that for you, with our built in back up plans. 

Because we only host one wedding at a time, it allows us to have a plan in place in case of rain or inclement weather. This is already something included in your package and not an added fee, so it’s a win for everyone. We don’t want your big day ruined and so we will move you inside for your ceremony and reception and you won’t have to worry about a thing. 

Let’s take a look at your indoor backup options:


The Chapel

Now, I know this blog is about outdoor weddings, but we must admit, The Chapel is everyone’s favorite. Many times, brides come with an outdoor ceremony in mind, and then look at the Chapel and everything changes. Either way, you will have access to the Chapel if the weather has other plans for your outdoor wedding. 

The Chapel can seat up to 200 guests.

The Reception Hall

Beautiful on its own, but also a blank canvas if you want to put your personal touch on it. The reception hall is completely open, so there is nothing blocking views, like polls or columns. Double doors help make your grand entrance, a buffet serving line with granite counter top lines the back, and open space for dance floor. 

The Reception Hall can seat up to 200 guests.

Tips & Tricks to Wrap This Up

So, there are a few considerations to having your wedding outdoors that you will need to take. 

1. Time of Year: Our most popular times of year are Spring and Fall. They are usually the coolest and most reliable time of year weather wise. 

2. Time of Day: Unless you are planning a winter time wedding, a daytime wedding outdoors is hard around here. It can still be too hot to sit outside. Usually, you will want an evening wedding, starting around 5pm and in the Fall can be slightly later until we fall back with daylight savings.

3. Keeping Guests Busy: When you are taking your pictures, guests will just be standing around, but with an outdoor wedding, you can have yard games set out during cocktail hour to keep them busy.

4. Back Up Plan: Just a reminder, to have that backup plan in place for weather. As we mentioned before, we have your back at Silver Sycamore, but you will want to think about how that could change layout or decor. We will help you out with that, so no worries there, but always good to think ahead.

Once you have those few things in place, an outdoor wedding in Houston is the perfect type of wedding! 


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