Corporate Meetings & Company Picnics

Have you ever been to a company meeting or corporate party and thought, “okay, this looks about right. A room with a giant table or a really plain banquet hall”?

Well, Silver Sycamore now has packages for corporate meeting days, team building, company picnics, outside catering and anything else you could think of! Tell your boss, or yourself if you are the boss, that it’s time to do something different! Even if you have your own meeting space and just want some really great food!

We have 3 spaces for all of your needs.

      1. SycamoreVille

A town all your own. Sycamoreville is a fully functioning western town where you can have the party in the street of the town. Stick a mechanical bull or your tables and chairs down the middle and it’s a party! The capacity for this option is up to 1,000 people!

western rustic wedding luxury western wedding

       2. SycamoreVille Saloon

A real bar and lounge area. On most days, the lounge is decorated with high-top cocktail tables and a large couch in the middle. However, we can move things around and set up tables U-shaped or in rows to listen to a speaker. The capacity for the Saloon is about 60 seated and can get up to around 120 if it’s more of a stand up and chatting event.

hotel and saloon

        3. Reception Hall

The last option is a beautiful reception hall perfect for company banquets, a larger holiday party or even just a larger meeting space. It’s usually set up for weddings, however it can be decorated or undecorated to your liking. The hall can hold up to 250 people!

Silver Sycamore reception halll elegant wedding venue

Holiday Parties:

holiday partycompany party

Networking Events:

corporate networkingdancingCF3K9637

Team Building & Meeting Days:

team building

Company Picnics or Parties:

corporate meetings & company picnics corporate event 2 corporate event

Those are just a few pictures we have remembered to take when we are enjoying these parties!

For more information about our event packages or even just our catering menu, call us at 281-487-4033!

With All of Our Love,

Silver Sycamore