Spotlight Wedding: Rachelle & John

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Rachelle & John’s rustic, fall wedding was one those that you would see splashed all over bride’s Pinterest boards across the US. It was dreamy, with the perfect mix of rustic & elegant touches, all wrapped up in a style all their own.

We were all so excited for their big day. Rachelle kept in constant communication with us, came to the open houses, took the advice of all the vendors on her team & she was just so sweet and so excited to marry John. These two share a wonderful love & we were honored to be a part of their story.

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We asked Rachelle a few questions about her big day and here is what she had to say.

1. What was your favorite part of your wedding day?
“This is such a difficult question, I would have to say my favorite part was when John and I got to do our first touch and we read our vows that each other wrote. I had planned on NOT crying, but that moment was so intimate and special because it was just he and I (and the photographers). I read his true thoughts and feelings and felt completely safe to react however I chose, because no audience was there gauging our reactions. In that moment I felt his TRUE LOVE overwhelm me and I was the happiest, most loved, and luckiest girl alive to be marrying the man on the other side of the fence.

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2. What was one part of your wedding that you were really happy you decided to do? (ex. videography, decor, type of ceremony, etc,)
“I absolutely loved the decorations of our wedding, from the barn doors that he and I built together with the Edison bulbs strategically laid out, down to the rose gold votives with the flickering lights. Every detail of our wedding was so special because he and I worked on them together months and months coming up to the big day. The absolute best part was when I was pulled away from helping decorate (which was almost immediately after our arrival) and John, the Best Man, our son, my uncle, my dad, and a few other people had to decorate the entire reception area with out me. So on my way to the chapel to marry the man of my dreams I got to see the city with all the décor and was so pleasantly surprised. Not only was it beautiful, I got to be surprised with how it looked.

Being the bride, there are so many decisions that are placed on her, I remember saying, “you can decide, or I don’t care, you pick” and for me to not have to stand and coordinate every detail was such a weight off my shoulders and I loved the surprise factor. I loved seeing what he coordinated without me there, but with me in mind. That that was another one of my favorite moments.”

3. If you could give one piece of advice to brides planning their weddings currently, what would it be?

  • Don’t procrastinate. The Big day will be here before you know it, and if you have certain things that you are wanting done, get them done. He and I both wrote our vows the same day, this was stressful because you don’t realize how fast time flies when getting ready.
  • Don’t stress over the small things, if something doesn’t go according to plan; no one will know it but you. Your wedding will be beautiful, so what if the candles didn’t get lit/turned on for each table; yes this happened to me. The Day of Coordinator will come check on you, simply mention it and it can be corrected. If the flowers were supposed to be facing East and the are facing West, you are the only one who will notice it… and most likely you won’t even notice that day, you will notice in the photos. The things you might think are SUPER IMPORTANT, just aren’t when it comes down to the brass tactics.
  • Remember this day is about marrying the man you love that you are going to spend the rest of your life with, make sure to remember to make this day about you two and not the fact that the center piece on table 8 was not quite centered. Be sure to do the small things, like the First Touch, be sure to share your private moments with just yourselves, BE SURE TO GET AN AMAZING PHOTOGRAPHER to capture those intimate moments. Most of my favorite photos were the ones where we were completely alone and we would just hold each other while looking into each other eyes; in complete awe of what we now were. HUSBAND AND WIFE!!!!”
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4. Why did you choose Silver Sycamore as your venue?
“I chose Silver Sycamore because I fell in love with their town street. I just knew I had to have my reception outside in the town under the lights and the starry night sky. I honestly didn’t care where we said “I do” I let him pick that, I just wanted to be in the street. When he and I went their for a tour and met the amazing staff, we fell in love with the whole shebang of the venue. The best part was that he loved the venue just as much as I did. Everyone cared so much and worked with us on what desires and changes we wanted. They answered every question and eased our minds on certain concerns.

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