wedding rsvp

Getting frustrated with guests not sending in their RSVPs?

Well, you could do what this couple did above, which gives us some pretty good laughs, but others might not take to it as well.

So, we have compiled a list of ways to get your numbers in without threatening your guests with bringing their own furniture and food.

  1. All-in-One Invitations.
wedding invitations

One of our brides did these invitations shown on the left side of the picture, and she received 95% of them back! That’s the most we have ever heard of! Why did this invitation style work so well?

It has a detachable RSVP card that you don’t have to even put back in an envelope. It makes it super easy to fill out and just pop back in the mail. If you are one to put up invites on your fridge, then you can’t miss the RSVP card. Unlike the traditional separate card, that gets set aside.

To find invitations like this, go to Minted.

As a bonus, you can receive a discount using the code
WEDVENSILVERSYCAMORE . This will get you 35% off Save the Dates and 25% off invitations! (even if you get other types)

2. Wedding Websites

wedding website
Photo from Moposa

It seems redundant to have a website AND invitations, but we can tell you from personal experience, it is helpful. It allows you to add more information like accommodations or registry. This would get pretty messy on an invitation, or you would have to add more of the separate cards.

It’s likely your guests will go to your website to get some of that info and then be like “oh no! I totally forgot to RSVP, let me do it now.” I only say this, because I have done that myself.

There are plenty of sites you can make this on: The Knot, Wedding Wire, Moposa, Minted, etc.

3. Social Media

It might seem tacky to some, but pretty much EVERYONE has Facebook, and if they don’t then they will have the option of the paper invitation and the website to RSVP.

Make it a private event and invite your guests on it, and then either give them the option to RSVP there or direct them to your website. However you choose to go about it, this is the best way to reach them all in one place, at one time.

4. Good Ol Fashioned Picking Up the Phone

No, say it isn’t so!!!! All jokes aside, sometimes, you have difficult guests, who won’t do any of the following, so you will be forced to send them a text or actually call them. During this time, you tell them you need to know if they are coming and if not, they will not have a seat if they decide to show up.

You can stress the importance of having enough catering. Blame it on your venue or caterer for needing the count. Shoot, if that doesn’t work, you can blame the cake baker or at last resort the florist! Hopefully, it doesn’t get that far!

So, while it can be frustrating getting all of your guests to tell you if they are coming, there are so many options! Honestly, you should have 100% success if you use all of the tips.

Until next time,

Much love – Silver Sycamore Team