Spotlight Wedding: Aubrey & Chase

Aubrey & Chase’s wedding was different in so many ways, but probably not ways you might think. They gave us a more luxury, rustic outdoor wedding feel, with so many different touches.

First, Aubrey is the first employee that also had their wedding here, so it was really fun for us to review and see the perspective from both sides of the bride and the employee. 

Second, they were the first to implement the banquet/family style tables in the town, which we have now deemed “Aubrey Style” when our brides choose their setup.

Finally, they were the first to really integrate the rustic setting with a more elegant, luxury decor style. This helped future brides see that rustic can be transformed into whatever style they love. It doesn’t have to be just one thing. 

Rustic, whether it’s mason jars and burlap, or just using the venue’s rustic style, is a gorgeous wedding theme and a style that’s here to stay, especially in the Houston area.

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We asked Aubrey a few questions about her big day and here is what she had to say.

1. What was your favorite part of your wedding day?
“It’s hard to narrow down, because I loved everything and it all went so fast. If I had to pick just one thing looking back, I would have to say when the minister accidentally kept calling Chase, Chance. Most wouldn’t love this, but it made us all laugh and it relaxed us and let us be in the moment. Plus, now it’s become a fun joke we still bring up years later.”

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2. What was one part of your wedding that you were really happy you decided to do? (ex. videography, decor, type of ceremony, etc,)
“Easy choice here. Videography. Originally, it wasn’t in our budget, but I am so thankful we were able to add it on last minute. There are so many moments that were captured differently in a video than in photos. Plus, it allows me to see my grandma, who passed, in a video laughing and loving every moment and that is something I will always cherish”

3. If you could give one piece of advice to brides planning their weddings currently, what would it be?

“It’s not new advice, but it is important advice: Slow Down. It all went by so fast, and so take a moment during the reception to sit, watch and take it all in. Also, don’t stress over the little things. You will not notice if the chair tie was tied differently or if the centerpiece was missing a certain flower, and in the end, it won’t even matter. Don’t let yourself get stressed over nothing. Focus on the fact that you are marrying your person and that all your friends and family are there to celebrate and I can guarantee you that you will have a wedding you will love and truly enjoy.

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4. Why did you choose Silver Sycamore as your venue?
“Well, this was sort of an easy choice, because 1. I worked here and I knew it would be an amazing event and 2. because my parents own the venue and my sister was married here too, and so it felt right to honor that.

Aside from those obvious choices, I also knew that it was going to give me a wedding unlike anyone else’s and when I look back on it, I will love every moment and memory.”

Vendor Team:
Photography: Dream Photo & Video
Bride’s Dress: Whittington Bridal
Flowers: Flower Cottage of Deer Park
Venue, Catering, DJ: Silver Sycamore

rustic outdoor wedding in houston

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