Have you been dreaming of a western wedding or country wedding since you were little? At Silver Sycamore, we can make your dreams come true. Our stunning rustic wedding venue features a variety of incredible outdoor and indoor sites, plus services and amenities you won’t find anywhere else. While you’re thinking about where to have your wedding, take a moment to read the following tips on how to plan your dream-come-true western wedding. western wedding, rustic wedding venue, country wedding

How to Plan Your Dream Country Wedding

Western weddings and country weddings have become extremely popular recently. Brides love the rustic charm and romance these weddings provide.

Choose Your Rustic Wedding Venue

The first, most important piece of planning your wedding is choosing a venue. With so many options to choose from, it can be a bit stressful, so first, talk to a wedding planner to help you. At Silver Sycamore, your wedding planner is included in your package, which makes it so easy! Your wedding planner will be familiar with venues and the time and effort that go into transforming them into the perfect space for your ceremony or reception. If there’s a creative way to make a certain venue work for you, they will know it! Think about your vision of your dream western wedding. What’s your style? Are you wanting something more rustic or elegant? Modern or natural?
  • Do you have certain colors or themes you’re wanting?
  • How many people will be attending your wedding?
  • What’s your budget?
  • What are your ideal wedding dates and will the venue be available those days?
  • What’s included when booking?
Schedule a venue tour with a few of your favorites. Then, sit down and compare and contrast them to decide which one truly fits your vision the best.
western wedding, rustic wedding venue, country wedding

Choose Your Wedding Date

  • After you’ve chosen your venue
Choosing your wedding date is one of the first steps towards planning your ideal western wedding. The average engagement is about 14 months long, but you can plan your wedding for as long or as short as you’d like. When choosing a date, take the following into consideration:
  • Seasons and weather
  • Availability and ease of travel plans for guests
  • Factors involved in off-season dates, like flower availability
  • How much time you need to plan your wedding
  • Wedding budget
  • Work schedules and commitments
  • Venues you’re considering
Maybe you’d like to plan your wedding around a special date, such as your anniversary or a holiday like Valentine’s Day.

Choose more than one date so you’ll have a backup just in case your perfect venue isn’t available on your first-choice date.

Perhaps you’ve always desired a fall or winter wedding, or want to feel the summer sunshine on your skin during a summertime country wedding. No matter your personal preferences, make sure your wedding date meets the needs of everything you find most important for your wedding. Finally, your chosen venue may only have availability for certain dates, so pick more than one date so you will have a backup in case your perfect venue isn’t available that day. western wedding, rustic wedding venue, country wedding

western wedding, rustic wedding venue, country weddingPick the Perfect Dress

  • 9-12 months prior to wedding date
One of the best parts of planning your wedding is choosing your wedding dress. Read some online reviews of local dress shops before jumping in. Then schedule an appointment with a few different shops and look through their selection. It can feel overwhelming at first, but don’t worry. Prepare yourself beforehand so you can walk in with a general idea of what you want.
  • Do you want traditional white, off-white, cream, or a non-traditional color like blue or green?
  • Do you want something simple or a dress with lace, beads, and embroidery?
  • What is your budget?
  • What accessories do you plan to wear and will they go with your dress?
  • Which style do you prefer and how functional will it be in your wedding location?
  • What is your wedding setting and how will that affect your dress choices?
For example, if you’re getting married outside, you’ll want a dress hemmed to work well with an outdoor setting like gravel or grass.

Your bridal salon consultant can help you find a dress that enhances your features, and suits your style, venue, and budget.

Your consultant at the bridal salon should be able to help you find a dress that suits your style and enhances your best features. Also, make sure to give them your budget so they won’t show you dresses out of your price range. Don’t forget about alterations! This is an important budget consideration. Some shops cap alterations at a certain amount depending on the work being done, while others charge a flat fee. The number one thing to remember here is that the dress should stay in the salon and only leave when you take it with you for the wedding. If the seamstress offers to take it home with her, politely decline.

Decide on Decor

There are thousands of ways to decorate for your country wedding, and if you enjoy crafts, you can DIY many of them. If not, you can always order decorations or talk to your wedding planner about what you envision for your western wedding. Your decor may change depending on the time of day, time of year, and setting of your wedding. Indoor weddings versus outdoor weddings are an important consideration in choosing your wedding decor.

Book Your Dream Western Wedding at Rustic Wedding Venue Silver Sycamore

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