Planning a wedding during these times can feel a little uneasy, and you might be wondering what exactly are Houston’s COVID Wedding Procedures, and what exactly are they at Silver Sycamore.

Well, to ease your mind and get you excited about planning again, we are going to lay out what we have been doing since we started weddings back up in June. 

Our brides have had absolutely wonderful events, and we try our absolute best to make sure it feels like the wedding they always dreamed of, while keeping our staff and their guests safe and comfortable.


houston covid wedding procedures bride and groom in chapel


Our Procedures

1. Spacing Out Tables

At Silver Sycamore, we are fortunate that we have a lot of space and opportunity for our couples and their guests to spread out. For any weddings in the Street of the Town, we can spread them apart pretty far, since we are outdoors. The Reception Hall can fit over 200 guests normally, we are still spacing them apart, but most weddings right now aren’t 200 guests anyway, so it has been quite easy to keep everyone safely apart.

2. Seating Charts

While not a requirement, we let our couples know that it will make things 100000x easier to make a seating chart to ensure that families and friends who are already around each other, will be sitting together. This has made guests feel incredibly comfortable.

3. Every Other Row

Since the majority of the wedding ceremonies take place in the Chapel, we have it so that guests are seated in every other row, and similar to seating charts, they are all seated with family and friends that they already are around.

4. Every Hour Sanitizing

Along with all of our other normal cleaning procedures, we have implemented hourly sanitizing of all surfaces. This includes things most often touched like doorknobs, rails, counter tops, etc. 

5. Masks & Gloves

All of our staff, from our coordinators to the catering staff are required to wear masks and when serving food, wear gloves. 

6. Food Service

In order to provide a safe, but still quick food service, we have our staff make the plates of food and there is an acrylic covering in between guests and catering staff. This way allows you to still see your food, but only 1 person is handling it. 


Even though we have to take these extra precautions, we remain committed to doing whatever it takes to make sure our couples still get the wedding they planned and have the best time while doing so. 


If you would like to learn more about weddings at Silver Sycamore, follow the steps below