(From the Perspective of a Houstonian)

That’s right Game of Thrones fans, we’re not talking about winter. We’re geeking out over FALL!

Everyone has their reasons and favorites things about this time of year, we pulled together our thoughts in the office to create our Fall Favorites!

Here are 8 things that we are just giddy about this season:

  1. Golden colors

The once green and bright landscape seems to mellow out and melt into deep reds, oranges, yellows, and browns. It’s as if everything has calmed down a bit. While not quite as bright as the spring and summer months, all the foliage is filled with a rich, yet different color. For many, these colors trigger memories of time spent raking leaves, jumping in the piles, and stuffing them down your sibling’s shirt.

  1. Pumpkin Everything

Pumpkin pie, pumpkin seeds, pumpkin décor, and the millennial favorite: Pumpkin. Spice. Lattes. (*the crowd goes wild*) Fall brings so many seasonal flavors back into play. You can find tasty creations everywhere filled with apple, cinnamon, cider, squash, sweet potato, nutmeg, pumpkin, pumpkin, and more pumpkin. Just be careful not to get sick of it too soon! You’ve got 3 more months of this.

  1. No sweat

Crisp air, flushed cheeks, sweat no longer beading on your forehead from the unforgiving Texas heat… yep, autumn must be close by. Fall in the lone star state is celebrated for different reasons than fall in the north. You see, we’ve been melting all summer. Finally, you can walk outside without breaking a sweat! So long pit stains! Sayonara sweaty feet! This is the season most coveted by Houstonians- the perfect time of year; the final relief after a harsh summer. We only have a few of these fair weathered months around here, & being in the south and we aren’t about to waist a second of it!

  1. Scarves, sweaters, boots

As the trees start shedding layers, we start packing them on. Wipe the dust of your boots and break out the scarves. This one is a special favorite to the ladies out there. Autumn means unpacking that box of warm clothes and overhauling your entire wardrobe! Some of us who particularly love fall fashion bury ourselves so deep in fluffy sweaters that only our hands are left sticking out to grip our pumpkin spice lattes.

fall favorites outfit

  1. Halloween

Trick or Treat! Got your costume already picked out? Whether you’re doing an adorable couples costume or just passing out candy with your dog, Halloween is a great break from the normal day to day. On every corner, you’ll find little kids in precious costumes, house parties, and even some chasing the myth of the Great Pumpkin. Just stay safe and don’t forget to take your vampire teeth out before bobbing for apples!

  1. Thanksgiving

Ah, Thanksgiving. The holiday where we give thanks, spend time with our families, stuff our faces, unbutton our pants and collapse on the couch. If you’re really brave, you rally and go back for seconds! But really, it’s the first time in a long time that you may be seeing your loved ones all together in one place. It’s a great American tradition that has brought people together for centuries.

  1. Football

Either you’re a football fanatic or you know one. For many, this day is bigger than the holidays, this is a holiday! If you’re one of these people, you may not be donning a cozy fall sweater, you may be breaking out your jersey! So go ahead, wear those team colors, grab a beer, and yell at the television set!

  1. Daylight Savings

This one is a personal favorite of mine. Why? Because no matter where you are from, we all have one thing in common: we love to sleep! Spring forward, fall back. This November (the 5th to be exact) we’ll be setting our clocks back 60 minutes and reveling in that extra hour of sleep! The only downside is that the sun will set earlier (around5:30pm around here) so you better get used to it quickly!

All jokes aside, this season isn’t just about pumpkins and scarves. There’s one particular hope that fall brings Houston this year. Sighs of relief leave our chests as the cool air blows by because it beckons the end of a season that only a resident of the gulf could understand: hurricane season. This year we have all new reasons to be thankful. Although we watched and experienced earth-shaking devastation, we stood even more awestruck at the people who came together to protect this city. Our first responders, citizens, neighbors, and people from incredible distances sacrificed time, money, and safety all for strangers. That is something beautiful to be thankful for this fall, and something even more beautiful to be proud of.

With all of our Love,

Silver Sycamore