Houston Outdoor Weddings

One of the great things about Texas is that we typically have really great weather for outdoor weddings. Let’s just not talk about those months of June-August though, where your skin might melt off.

Ever since we opened our chapel, we have noticed a lot of brides wanting their wedding in the chapel, and we don’t blame them one bit. It’s beautiful. But there are still plenty of women who are wanting that picturesque, outdoor, wedding.

This is where we have it down. With styles that fit every type of girl, we have 3 outdoor wedding locations. Let’s take a look.

Waterfall Gazebo

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As you can see, our waterfall gazebo lends itself to some really elegant moments. The waterfall is off to the side and you can hear just a slight flow of water trickling down. It’s perfect and for sure my favorite of the gazebos.

Vintage Gazebo

vintage gazebo outdoor ceremony in houston vintage outdoor wedding in houston gazebo in houstonVintage Gazebo outdoor wedding site in Houston Texas

Our vintage gazebo is really for those girls who want something a little different than the waterfall gazebo. It comes with a beautiful chandelier and can be draped up and down. It doesn’t need it, as it’s perfect alone, but for those who like to deck things out a little more, it will always look beautiful.

B&B Gardens

Bed & Breakfast Gardens bed and breakfast gardens ceremony outdoor ceremony wedding

Our bed & breakfast gardens is really perfect those smaller, more intimate outdoor ceremonies. Typically, these are no more than 35 people, but it can be bigger if you really want to have it in this location. As with any of our other locations, it doesn’t need any decoration, but it definitely gives it a special touch for those that do want to decorate.

So, while our chapel may be the hot ticket right now, we know that our outdoor ceremony locations will be an everlasting selection. When you have weather that’s as great as ours for the most part, why not take advantage of it?

Side note: If you want the entire wedding outside, reception too, be on the lookout for our next post about outdoor receptions.

If you would like more information on our outdoor weddings or any of our packages, please contact us at 281-487-4033 or fill out one of our contact us forms and someone will be with you as soon as they can.

With all of our love,

Silver Sycamore